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Epicurus And The Pleasant Life

This book seeks to reintroduce pleasure as our innate guide to living a healthy and happy life—a simple yet powerful assertion based on empirical data, which stands up to the strictest scrutiny. Our multiscreen, one-click modern society is often accused of hedonism, yet this perception is contradicted by a widespread obsession with pain. Of course, pain relief and pain control are noteworthy themes, yet it remains remarkable that a minority seeks to understand pleasure and its role in life. Despite its significance, very few have endeavored to recognize and present guidelines based on scientific evidence that pleasure promotes health and happiness.

EPICURUS and THE PLEASANT LIFE: A Philosophy of Nature Kindle Edition
by Haris Dimitriadis
4.3 Stars (145 Reviews)
Genre: Politics & Social Sciences | Self-Help

Welcome, seekers of truth!

This 619-page study (2nd edition, November 2022) intends to reintroduce pleasure as an innate guide to living a healthy and happy life — a simple yet powerful assertion based on empirical data, which stands up to the strictest scrutiny.

Along this journey, we will explore evidence throughout the historical evolution of philosophy up to the time of Epicurus, the ancient Greek philosopher who laid the foundations for a philosophy of nature. More specifically, it’s the only philosophy that distinguishes pleasure as the inherent human guide to a healthy and happy life.

Author Haris Dimitriadis spent 15 years fervently researching the ancient Greek philosopher’s teachings, a journey that he believes radically improved his worldview. In this detailed study, the author proposes that fear of pleasure characterizes contemporary society. Dimitriadis writes with open-hearted enthusiasm for his subject and believes that Epicurean philosophy has the power to change lives. With determination and perseverance, you too will find the happiness to which you are entitled. All the “goods” required for happiness are present in the natural world yet regularly overlooked or unappreciated.

This book is a labor of love, a vehicle by which to share my personal experience with you. Despite its technocratic nature, it is undeniably a deposition of my soul, brimming with emotion, pleasure, and pain throughout my quest for joy. I am pleased to present an empirically sound, well-documented philosophy of life that serves as a refreshing alternative to the prevailing idealistic culture.

And now, the caveat: happiness is indeed a choice. You are privileged to find it out through the lines of this book.

Readers’ reviews
“This is a book to be savored not inhaled, each line is intense requiring pause to process and embrace.”

“Epicurus and The Pleasant Life ” by Haris Dimitriadis is one of those books that can literally change your life. I thought Mr. Dimitriadis did a remarkable job in bringing Epicurus ideas to a modern audience.”

“In a world bombarded daily by a bunch of insignificant information, this wonderful book is full of meanings necessary for a brilliant and high-quality life. I couldn’t stop reading, especially because i felt it was pointing out what I did wrong all these years.”

“The author, Haris Dimitriadis, did a spectacular job of weaving, webbing, and intertwining history, psychology, along with a motivational twist… This is a book to be savored not inhaled, each line is intense requiring pause to process and embrace. I loved every second of reading this book and wished it would not end.”

“I love that the ideas are presented clearly with history, science, and provocative ideas blended together for each concept. The writing style itself is easy to read, enjoyable, and I get the impression that the author would be a pleasure to be around, chat with, and know.”

“I want to have it at my fingertips when I want to indulge in one of the concepts and not have to keep borrowing it. Five stars and I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about Epicurus and his philosophy on pleasure.”

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Definitely Not Emily In Paris

Good morning book lovers…feels kind of funny to say that because for me it is good evening. A small time change has happened since we last spoke. So, I moved to a new country to get my master’s. Yay! Moving abroad has been quite a time and let me tell you Paris is nothing like Emily in Paris…of course I knew it wouldn’t be…but lets just say I didn’t realize just how much the French love to protest, and while I understand it completely I would just really appreciate the trash getting picked up soon. As much as I love the movie Ratatouille I don’t love how the trash brings out our little friend Remy. Stay tuned for more – The Apprentice

Earth Alone (Earthrise Book 1)
by Daniel Arenson
4.2 Stars (4,952 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

FREE for a limited time

They came from deep space. They came to destroy us.

Fifty years ago, bloodthirsty aliens devastated the Earth. Most of humanity perished. We fell into darkness.

But now we rise from the ashes. Now we fight back.

Marco Emery was born into the war. After his mother is killed, he joins the Human Defense Force, Earth’s ragtag army. Emery must survive basic training, become a soldier, and finally face the aliens in battle.

Against the alien onslaught, Earth stands alone. But we will fight. We will rise. We will win.

If you loved Ender’s Game, Starship Troopers, and Old Man’s War, you’ll love Earthrise, a new military science fiction series. From a USA Today bestselling author.

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Empaths and Paws (A Spirits of Tempest Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by Penny Brooke
4.4 Stars (543 Reviews)

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The seaside community of Tempest welcomes back one of its daughters as Fiona leaves city stress behind and moves into Mortimer House — the family Victorian she inherited.

A sensitive, Fiona loves animals and soon finds herself adopted by a rambunctious mini schnauzer, Lizzie Borden, and an adorable kitten, Henrietta.

Together with some old friends, Fiona converts the aged mansion into a boarding house, but not all the guests who come to stay are alive.

How does a dead body find its way into a bedroom wall? And will Fiona find her Aunt Mable’s missing ferret, Sherlock Holmes? It’s only one read away.

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Portrait of Deceit
by Jayme Mansfield
3.6 Stars (4 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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When an anonymous collector approaches the Richard Museum in Washington, D.C., with a possible Modigliani portrait, art authentication expert Olivia Danford is called in. Her talents investigating pieces for museums, universities, and private collectors provide a retreat from a past she’d rather forget.

But the chemical analysis and mysterious provenance of The Girl in White reveal much more than what lies beneath the layers of paint. Olivia is drawn back into her past, where she must decide if a half-truth is still a whole lie… and if a lie eventually reveals the truth.

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Best Made Plans (Royal Wedding Invitations Book 2)
by Jessica Hart
4.2 Stars (652 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

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Chef Flora Deare; royal wedding caterer! When Flora’s childhood friend Hope asks her to design the menu for her upcoming royal wedding, Flora is quick to say yes. Hasebury Hall, the wedding venue may be dilapidated but it has all the kitchen space she needs, and she’ll happily make do even though the Hall’s owner and brooding brother-of-the-bride, Max Kennard is constantly underfoot. She’s known Max for years. Had a crush on him in her teens. Might have the teeniest wee soft spot for him still…

When his sister Hope announces that she’s going to marry a prince, Max is taken aback to discover that the royal wedding will not take place in the majestic principality of San Michele, but at their run-down Wiltshire family home, Hasebury Hall. Now Max has to fix up the manor, let royals and security officials have the run of the place… and find a suitable woman to accompany him to the wedding and all the other ridiculous events that surround it.

Max is single, Flora’s single. They could pair up and go together. What harm can a little pretence do if all it involves is a glamorous trip to San Michele and smiling together at the wedding itself? Apparently, a lot… Soon, it’s hard to remember what’s real and what’s not.

*Previously titled The Baronet’s Wedding Engagment

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Goldy the Puppy and the Missing Socks
by Kim Ann, Nejla Shojaie
4.5 Stars (391 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Foreign Languages

FREE for a limited time

A mystery is afoot. Where have all the lost socks gone?
Brother can’t understand why he has so many mismatched socks. No matter where he looks, he can’t find two that are the same. And now he’s sure his favorite stripy footwear must be getting gobbled up by a hungry sock-monster!

Brother teams up with Sister to check inside the hamper and under the bed. But there are no missing spotted stockings to be seen. But wait, there’s their little pup sneaking around with a big grin on her face!

Does the golden doggie know where the footloose footwarmers can be found?

Goldy the Puppy and the Missing Socks is the first installment in the delightful Goldy the Puppy series of children’s books. If you or your child like bright illustrations, solving puzzles, and siblings working together, then you’ll love Kim Ann’s mischievous romp.

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The Past May Not Be Done With Us

The past may not be done with us. Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father’s war-trophy portrait of Eva Braun. Fifty years after WW2, she discovers what he never did—that her mother and Hitler’s mistress were friends. The secret surfaces with a mysterious monogrammed handkerchief, and a man, Hannes Ritter, whose Third Reich family history is entwined with Anna’s. Plunged into the treacherous world of Nazi Germany, Anna uncovers a long-buried tangle of family secrets, and finds her every belief about right and wrong shattered. “Historical fiction that reads like memoir.” Philadelphia Inquirer

The Munich Girl: A Novel of the Legacies that Outlast War
by Phyllis Edgerly Ring
4.3 Stars (555 Reviews)
Genre: Sagas

Plunged into the world of the “ordinary” Munich girl who was her mother’s confidante — and a tyrant’s lover — Anna finds her every belief about right and wrong challenged. With Hannes’s help, she retraces the path of two women who met as teenagers, shared a friendship that spanned the years that Eva Braun was Hitler’s mistress, yet never knew that the men they loved had opposing ambitions.

Eva’s story reveals that she never joined the Nazi party, had Jewish friends, and was credited at the Nuremberg Trials with saving 35,000 Allied lives. As Anna’s journey leads back through the treacherous years in wartime Germany, it uncovers long-buried secrets and unknown reaches of her heart to reveal the enduring power of love in the legacies that always outlast war.

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Snow Fence Road
by Phyllis Edgerly Ring
4.1 Stars (200 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

A village on the coast of Maine holds painful secrets —
the kind only the miracle of new love can heal.

Tormented by her fiancé’s death, Tess Johansen escapes to the only place that can still comfort her — the Spinnaker Inn in coastal Maine. Here in this place by the sea she feels close enough to the man she lost to numb the pain, if not the guilt.

For local craftsman, Evan Marston, the ramshackle inn serves only as a grim reminder of the accident that shattered his life and killed the woman he once loved. But while the Spinnaker’s walls may hold guilt and grief and suspicion, they might also house a bright new spark.

Drawn together by a love they never expected, Tess and Evan begin to unravel the mysteries of their pasts and question the miracle at work in their wounded hearts — until one fateful evening along a snow fence road…

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What Big Ears You Have!

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Urban Fantasy Midnight Trilogy by L.M. Hatchell

All Phoenix wanted was a normal life. What she got was an annoying werewolf, and a prophecy that will destroy the world. Can she learn to embrace the darkest parts of herself to save the ones she loves? Join Irish author L.M. Hatchell as she brings a world of magic,...

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Gotta Earn Fresh Brew

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