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Author: The Basset

Warm Up To The Idea

Wow! We went straight from shorts weather to freezing cold in just a matter of days! I was wearing a t-shirt last week, and now I am continuously putting on more and more layers as the day progresses. What I absolutely love...

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Fallen by P. Abbott

Fallen by P. Abbott is an Adventure into the stars and the PTSD mind. Grab your copy of the incredible book today! Fallen by P. Abbott (13 Reviews) Genre: Science Fiction FREE for a limited time An Adventure Into the Stars and...

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Grab A Hot Chocolate!

The fist Friday of December seems like the perfect time to grab some hot cocoa, snuggle up on the couch and be lazy. December is always a crazy month, so for mental and physical health it’s best to rest and relax while you...

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Mom Wins!

Go big or go home is what the rain said today. It rained so hard that school was canceled for the day and my baby bassets got to stay home. I really won some points with them when I told them they could play video games as long...

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The Night Nurse by Cole Baxter

They seem like angels of mercy. Until you invite them in. The Night Nurse by Cole Baxter is the terrifying psychological thriller with a killer twist that is perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, Daniel Hurst, K L Slater. The...

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