The chickens are getting a little creeped out by the dog now. He stares at them all day. I think they might file a formal complaint with HR.

Floating Gold (Under Admiralty Orders – The Oliver Quintrell Series)
M.C. Muir
4.4 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Sea Adventures | Historical Fiction

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The year is 1802 and the Treaty of Amiens heralds a fragile peace in the war with France. While Britain’s fighting ships languish in ordinary, sailors litter the alleyways of Portsmouth, while half-pay officers struggle to survive as best they can.

From a beach, near his home on the Isle of Wight, Captain Oliver Quintrell observes a fleet of merchant ships preparing to sail. He is unaware he will soon have command of His Majesty’s frigate ELUSIVE which will sail from Spithead with them.

Entrusted with secret Admiralty orders, he heads south, but once the ship enters the freezing waters of the Southern Ocean, a series of devastating events occur and threaten to jeopardize his mission. For Captain Quintrell, the mumblings of a near mutinous crew, sabotage, murder most foul, and the dangers held within a simmering volcanic island, pose as much of a threat as a broadside from a French man-of-war.

Will the captain succeed in his mission? Will he retrieve the ‘prize’ he was sent to search for? Will he, and his ship, return safely to England?

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No Heaven (The Imagine Trilogy)
Lex Allen
4.2 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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The first time He walked our Earth; He came to teach people the Way to inner peace and everlasting life without fear of death or oppression by those with religious or political power.

He failed.

As Jesus returns to save the world from darkness lurking just beyond the public eye, His presence challenges modern Christianity and the core beliefs of a religion founded in His name. The ensuing struggle to save humanity is on – in a good versus evil battle of epic proportions.

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M. Grace Bernardin
4.3 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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Is it possible to find love in the heart of the Midwest between a strip mall and a cornfield? This is the quest of three friends who meet in the 1980s at the Camelot Apartments, located amidst the suburban sprawl of the southern Indiana town of Lamasco.

Frank, who moves from the East coast to Lamasco to start a market research firm, is a well-bred, charming, polished Ivy Leaguer with a penchant for classical music. Vicky, the noisy downstairs neighbor who is constantly trying to drown out Frank’s classical music with rock and roll, is a tough-talking, whisky-guzzling, Harley-riding lady bartender from western Kentucky with a reckless spirit and a haunted past.

Between Frank and Vicky is Allison, an image-conscious, self-improvement junkie who gives up a promising marketing career in Chicago to return to her hometown of Lamasco at the urging of her high school sweetheart and fiance, with whom she has long since fallen out of love.

An unlikely friendship forms between Allison and Vicky as they discover that underneath their very different veneers, they have many similarities, one of those being a secret passion for their neighbor, Frank.

Odd Numbers spans twenty-plus years and ultimately culminates with the startling collision that reconnects this odd love triangle.

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Wolfkeeper’s Woman
Lisa Day
3.6 Stars (27 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

A country where the strong survive. Some people are strong of body. Other people are strong in spirit.

The warrior Wolfkeeper is such a man. A man not only physically strong but strong willed with a wisdom beyond his years. A wisdom that serves his people well.

Until the day he begins to question how he could have tender feelings for someone he considers an enemy.

There were no pangs of conscience when he took the child for his brother and sister-in-law to raise. They had no children of there own. The Mother even though an enemy the infant wouldn’t survive the journey if he hadn’t brought her along.

Cassie raised in an orphanage only recently began to believe she found happiness. Now she learned to hate. She just wants her son back.

Thrown into an unfamiliar lifestyle and unable to communicate she must learn how to stay alive for her son.

She will learn the language. She will follow the rules. She will do anything she needs to get her son back… But will it be enough?

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