Wrestling Against myself is the story of High School senior and star wrestler Antonio LaMano. This is to be his year, the year where he puts everything together and achieves all of his goals on and off the mat. He is already a leader at Dunedin High School and at his church, but when a new girl shows up at school his convictions are tested. This is a realistically told story about a romance between two innocents that flames brightly before calamitous events precipitated by hate, bigotry and transphobia test the values and principles of the “righteous” as this novel winds toward a very exciting conclusion.

Wrestling Against Myself
Katie Leone
4.1 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Teen & Young Adult

Wrestling Against Myself is a story of a senior, Antonio LaMano, who is entering his senior year of high school. After finishing state runner up in the state High School wrestling tournament as a junior only to be mocked in the local paper about his struggles to make weight, he dedicated the summer to sculpting his body into something that would be unstoppable on the mat.

This is Antonio’s senior year and he has big plans, both on and off the mat. Already respected and loved by both students, teachers, and coaches alike, there is nothing that is going to stand in his way to capture not only the state title in wrestling, but also a coveted scholarship to one of the top wrestling programs in the nation.

Nothing was going to stand in his way until he saw a small freshman girl that was so scared that it caused Antonio to want to protect her. At first he couldn’t understand why someone so unassuming would have to be afraid of anything in the small Florida suburb of Dunedin, but it soon becomes apparent that something is amiss when the bullying starts.

Antonio seeks to discover why some students hate the girl with a passion. A hatred that runs so deep that a few classmates at the school go to great lengths to torment the girl so she either drops out or they destroy her in the process.

Being the leader he is, Antonio isn’t going to let the bullies gain control of the school and he decides to be the girl’s protector despite not knowing the secrets that she kept. It is a secret that is tearing the school apart and Antonio finds himself in the middle of a situation beyond his control.

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