He knew what it meant, knew–at least conceptually–what happened at these things. So what was the point of being here? He knew why his father didn’t want him to come. It’s not something children should see. We’ll raise you right and you won’t have any need of seeing something like that. Those things are for parents and children who don’t know how to act. Still, Caesar was here, ready to watch something that horrified him. Ready to watch someone die at The Genesis’s will. The Singularity : Heretic, by David Beers.

The Singularity: Heretic
David Beers
4.9 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Science Fiction

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In the early twenty-first century, humanity marveled at its greatest creation: Artificial Intelligence. They didn’t foresee the consequences of such a creation, however. Deemed The Genesis, the Intelligence quickly decided humanity couldn’t continue in its current form, that if it did, destruction awaited the world.

Resorting to drastic measures, entire generations of humans grew from laboratories, and within a thousand years, the threat of destruction evaporated.

Now, in a world where humans must meet specifications to continue living, a man named Caesar emerges. Not meeting specifications—indeed, thinking things no human should, eyes fall on Caesar, eyes that could kill him or lift him up, lead him to tragedy or revolution.

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