The State of Reason series by author Miles A. Maxwell. Ripping good tales of how intelligence and determination can overcome the near-impossible. And of the true price of altruism. Enjoy!

Loss Of Reason (State Of Reason series Book 1)
Miles A. Maxwell
4.5 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Science Fiction

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One Of The Most Disturbing Stories You’ll Ever Read.

Distant for many years, Franklin out of Pennsylvania and his step-brother Everon out of Nevada are connected by a single link: Their sister Cynthia.

Enter The Nightmare. A nuclear bomb is detonated in New York. Banker, wife, mother, Cynthia lives in New York. The military has quarantined the city. All bridges and tunnels have been destroyed or blocked. Easterly winds have forced the bomb’s huge radiation cloud out over Long Island. But the wind is about to change. Franklin climbs mountains and truly understands people. Everon can fly anything. And Cynthia’s brothers are determined to find her. If it were your sister, what would you do?

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Search For Reason (STATE OF REASON Series Book 2)
Miles A. Maxwell
4.8 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Suspense

Who did it? Someone bombed New York. In a near miss on Washington a second city has been destroyed. Is it militant Muslims? White Separatists? Russia? China? North Korea? Or the worst serial killer of all time — not taking one life or even twenty, but four million? No One Knows. Lost religious texts appear. Entire faiths are rocked to their foundations. Well-known, highly-respected clerics thought to have been killed by the New York and Virginia City bombs are being kidnapped… For two brothers Franklin and Everon, the loss, the motivation, is very personal. While Everon’s team struggles to restore a power system devastated by the bombs’ EMP, Franklin works to restore the personal power of individuals in his emotionally distraught congregation, and those behind the bombs begin to reveal themselves. As clues come fast and furious, the brothers’ own lives become imperiled when the bombers’ sights are set on them.

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