A rhythmically well developed plot, intriguing narration, and bits of wisdom sprinkled among a fantasy landscape centered around the struggle of Creation vs. Destruction is what you’ll find from Lance Conrad’s “The Price of Creation”. The concept of magical stones that predetermine one’s areas of excellence are a wonderfully thought out and well implemented idea. A refreshing take on a young hero’s journey, told from an adult bystander’s perspective. Enjoy!

The Price of Creation (The Historian Tales Book 1)
Lance Conrad
4.8 Stars (63 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Fantasy

The Historian chances upon Surac, a land where people’s destinies are defined by powerful pendants they have from birth, called Stones. Those whose Stones give them useful skills call themselves Creators, and isolate themselves from all others with a wall that splits the entire continent. When Aric, a Creator blacksmith, has a son born with a Stone that marks him for violence and destruction, they find themselves in danger from those they called their friends. When the boy, Sadavir, is ultimately banished, he discovers secrets far darker than the villagers’ petty prejudices. On the far side of the wall, he learns the origin of the Stones’ magic and a war that dates back centuries. As he uncovers the true power locked in the Stones, he must find a way to unite ancient enemies in order to save his family. To stop a genocide, Sadavir must face his own destiny of violence.

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