The debut Kaitlin Hall high-tech crime novel from Silicon Valley insider and legal expert R.S. Vaisbort. With high-tech suspense, engaging characters, and an entertaining dose of humor, author R.S. Vaisbort takes you on a thrilling ride through Silicon Valley at the dawn of the 21st century.

Murder By Numbers
by R.S. Vaisbort
4.3 Stars (83 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Thrillers

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Murder by Numbers is a fun and fast-paced detective novel set in boom-to-bust Silicon Valley circa 2001, where multi-millionaires cling desperately to their fortunes, CEOs pray that their startups stay funded, and techies hope to hold onto their jobs. Opportunities for financial gain – both legal and illegal – remain a high stakes game. And no one knows this better than Kaitlin Hall, a beautiful and brilliant rookie detective in the High Tech Crimes Detail of the San Jose Police Department.

Kaitlin’s unauthorized investigation of the fatal car crash of a young systems administrator quickly leads newbie Detective Hall into dangerous, uncharted territory. Enlisting the help of her hacker friend and confidant, Slim Yamazaki, Kaitlin digs deep into the networks of technology companies developing the building blocks of the world’s most sophisticated systems that protect corporate data and, more importantly, U.S. security interests.

As Detective Hall uses her keen intellect and initiative to solve a growing web of multiple murders, she navigates the politics of law enforcement and the egos of venture capitalists, tech moguls, and former lovers to make stunning discoveries. With lives at stake, her assumptions about human nature and her abilities as a detective will be tested to the fullest.

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