Heart Blade, by Juliana Spink Mills, is the perfect combination of fast-paced plotting, high-stakes twists, and a well-developed cast of richly layered ‘preternaturals’. Enjoy!

Heart Blade: Blade Hunt Chronicles Book One
by Juliana Spink Mills
4.8 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Fantasy

The Heart Blade will rise in light, or in darkness.

Teenage half-demon Del Raven wears a promise in scarred letters upon her skin. Now, pressured to make her first kill and seal her demon nature forever, she flees her pack and forges a dangerous partnership with young angel-blood Ash.

But Del isn’t the only one on the run from the demons. For seventeen years the Guild of Saint Peter has done its best to hide orphan Rose, a key player in the centuries-old Heart Blade prophecy.

The threads tangle, and soon Del, Ash and Rose find themselves in the crosshairs of an ancient war between demons and angels… and the hunt for a mythical weapon that could change the balance of power forever.

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