The Jo Modeen series by author Frank H Jordan is a fast-paced, high-action thriller that will appeal to readers of Russell Blake’s JET series and Lee Child’s JACK REACHER novels. Grab your copy today!

The Jo Modeen Box Set: Books 1-3 (The Jo Modeen series)
by Frank H Jordan
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Action & Adventure

A collection of the first three books in the high-action JO MODEEN thriller series by Frank H Jordan.

With a salute to characters like Russell Blake’s thrilling Jet and Lee Child’s tough-as-nails Jack Reacher, THE MODEEN FACTOR, book one in the series, introduces Josephine Dakota Modeen MG, the kick-ass heroine we’d all like to have on our side.
Following a distinguished military career – having successfully passed the gruelling entry programme to be the first woman accepted into Australia’s elite SASR and earning the Medal for Gallantry in action – Modeen is left wondering what’s next. And for someone with her unique skills, the options are limited. When unexpectedly contacted by her old CO Ben Logan VC MG, now a team leader with Australia’s national security agency, she knows it’s not a social call.
What she doesn’t know is how it will change her life…
In book two, THE MODEEN TRANSFORMATION, Modeen’s team is in pursuit of ruthless kidnappers and their high-profile hostages, abducted during the 2014 international G20 Summit in Brisbane, Queensland. Always a step behind but remaining hopeful of finding the captives alive, the team tracks the wily kidnappers from the state’s south to its far north. And along the way they make a shocking discovery… of how close to home the threat lies.

In book three, MODEEN: BLACK OPS, Modeen is faced with a dilemma – should she follow her orders or her instincts? Her team disperses under deep cover to unravel the web of secrets surrounding their latest mission, which takes them from country Victoria to Australia’s national capital, and across the ocean to Kabul in Afghanistan.
And the stakes couldn’t be higher…

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The Jo Modeen Box Set: Books 4-6 (The Jo Modeen Series)
by Frank H Jordan
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Books four to six in the thrilling JO MODEEN series continue the adventures of ex-soldier and now national security agent Josephine Dakota Modeen MG, the kick-ass heroine we’d all like to have on our side.

MODEEN CONVERGENCE takes us to Cairns in far north Queensland for a visit by the state premier, a small man who’s made big enemies during his first term in office. Taking the death threats made against him seriously, the Feds call on national security agency NatSec to assist with the protection detail. Agent Jo Modeen considers it a babysitting job, until she finds herself targeted and it becomes clear the stakes are higher than first thought. And after her old unit re-forms, they converge on what becomes a complex mission with dangerous links to the past… MODEEN ROGUE sees Modeen struggling to come to terms with the fate of a close teammate critically injured during the team’s most recent mission. Driven to pursue the organisation responsible, she embarks on an unauthorised campaign of retribution, a campaign that is both personal and perilous. She’s going rogue… and going alone.
In MODEEN REDEMPTION, while NatSec team leader Ben Logan is concerned when two of his ex-agents are targeted by a deadly hit squad, he has a more pressing issue on his hands. The US Department of Defence is demanding additional on-ground surveillance at a high-tech Australian laboratory, where final testing is underway of the DOD’s latest and most advanced weapon. A weapon that could alter the course of modern warfare. A weapon that must be kept secure at all costs…
This collection of fast-paced, high-action thrillers will appeal to readers who enjoy Russell Blake’s JET, Lee Child’s JACK REACHER, and Matthew Reilly’s SCARECROW novels.

America has Jack Reacher, Australia has Jo Modeen.

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