I am pretty sure I am mean to my sweet little pup Junebug. I love hugging her and calling her pretty names. She is only nine pounds, so it’s really hard not to pick her up when she walks by, and give her lots of kisses. I read somewhere that dogs don’t necessarily like that, but I WUV HER!  I WUV HER SOOOO MUCH (ugly sobbing). Every day I try to be better about it, but then I see hubby hugging and loving her and I want my turn. Poor girl.

Bless Your Heart (Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen Book 1)
by Kimbra Swain
4.7 Stars (104 Reviews)
Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Fantasy

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Scorned by her family. Banished by her kind. Hunted by zealots.

Where does an exiled Fairy Queen hide?

A remote mountain cabin, the seedy underbelly of a metropolis, or an uninhabited island. All would be good choices, however, after hundreds of years on the run, the daughter of Oberon, King of the Wild Fairies, signs a binding contract with the zealots that hunt her. In exchange, they allow her to settle down in the last place anyone would look for fairy royalty.

Adopting the name Grace Ann Bryant, the Queen buys a double-wide and moves into a trailer park in the one-horse town of Shady Grove, Alabama. Her contract requires her to lend aid to the local sheriff, Dylan Riggs, when supernatural problems arise.

But when two children go missing, the humans point to the trailer park queen helping the sheriff, and the zealots point at the exiled fairy. Grace must decide whether to fight for her innocence or break her contract returning to life on the run.

Bless Your Heart is a Southern Urban Fantasy that will make you laugh, cry, and laugh until you cry, as Grace wrestles with the dark fairy inside herself and starts to see that she’s more than just trailer trash.

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Lost Horse Park
by Troy B. Kechely
5.0 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

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After causing trouble in his Montana hometown one time too many, teenager Jim Redmond has run out of options. The only person willing to give him a chance is World War II veteran Tom McKee.

A lone wolf, Tom is still haunted by his experiences as a member of an elite special service force and seeks comfort among his horses and rough mountain trails. As Jim and Tom try their best to work together, the unforgiving mountains of Montana soon prove to be the least of their worries. These two fiercely independent men must learn what it means to rely on another human.

Troy B. Kechely paints breathtaking portraits of horse life, the Montana backcountry, and American experiences during times of war. This novel fearlessly explores some of the most riveting moments in US history from World War II to the Vietnam War.

Written with astounding emotional depth and historical expertise, Lost Horse Park is an exquisite follow-up to his first novel, Stranger’s Dance.

A true force in Western narratives, Troy B. Kechely offers a heartrending look at what it means to learn the true value of friendship–even if it takes a lifetime.

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Your Son Is Alive (A Thriller)
by James Scott Bell
4.4 Stars (57 Reviews)

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Fifteen years ago their son was taken.
Now somebody says they can have him back.

Dylan and Erin Reeve have lived with a gaping emotional wound ever since their five-year-old son, Kyle, was kidnapped in broad daylight.

And never found.

Though the shadow of their loss hangs heavy, Dylan and Erin have managed to get on with their lives, even finding bits of happiness along the way.

Until one night when a crayon-scrawled note is slipped under Dylan Reeve’s door.

All it says is, Your son is alive.

Could it be true?

Or is it a sick game played by somebody out for money? Or something else?

But what?

And why now?

As clues begin to emerge — both agonizing and expectant in their implications — Dylan and Erin Reeve know they have to play this out to the end. Because it’s their last chance — and their only hope — to find the son they lost all those years ago.

You’ll be blown away by this domestic thriller with twists and turns and the beating heart of parental love.

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This Beautiful Love (The Beautifully Broken Book 3)
by Amanda Kaitlyn
4.4 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

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“We had the forever kind of love. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for him, except let him go.”

Aria never imagined that she would find true happiness and love after living the life she had. She’d felt heartbreak, she’d fallen and feared, and she’d hid from the hell her life had become. But she also fought. She bled. She grew stronger and stood taller as the love of one man, the love of her life, stood beside her. His love had carried her through the worst of times, and the best, and she refused to let him go without a fight.

Gavin Thomas was always the strong one. No matter what happened, he would rise above it and be stronger for the struggles he had faced. The second his beautiful wife walked into his life, everything changed. He became her protector, her lover, her best friend and then, her husband.

Two children, a thousand kisses and a decade later, the love that had sparked between them was as strong as ever, and he thanked his lucky stars every day because of it. But is forever possible for them?

This is a standalone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read other books in the series.

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Pirate Trials: Dastardly Deeds & Last Words
by Ken Rossignol, F C Yohn
3.6 Stars (41 Reviews)
Genre: History | Law

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REAL PIRATES – Not Hollywood in the Caribbean, but actual bloodthirsty pirates, who when captured and put on trial, confessed to their brutality in shocking detail to the horror of all those in the courtroom. These accounts of real crime on the high seas committed by pirates who were brought to justice in England, Scotland, Canada and the United States are true and provided in exacting precise narratives of the action in the courtroom, including the drama from the high seas barbarism and with the death march to the gibbet and gallows.

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