Where is my big storm? The news kept talking about a huge rain storm that was supposed to be here last night, but it didn’t happen. This morning I woke up to the news saying the storm is here and it’s incredibly windy and rainy outside, right now. THE STORM IS HERE!!  I looked outside. No it is not. How am I supposed to enjoy being lazy and trapped inside, when it is neither rainy or windy. Okay… it will probably happen in a few minutes. I just checked outside and I saw a drop of water. TO THE COUCH WITH TEA! That drop of water is huge to a bug, so to be safe I am making a cup of tea and getting kitty and pup pup ready for the Lazyning.

A Chance to Let Go (Copperhead Creek – Australian Romance Book 3)
by S M Spencer
4.4 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Contemporary Fiction | Westerns | Romance

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The chains from our past can be strong, but sometimes you just need to let go.

With two marriages behind her, and a grown son, Pauline Evans isn’t expecting to ever fall in love again. But when a smooth-talking newcomer sets his sights on her, she begins to wonder.

Allen Bishop has always known he and Pauline would be good together — if only things were different. He’s never told her how he feels, but now he knows if he doesn’t act soon he may never get another chance.

This is the third stand-alone novel in the Copperhead Creek series — set in the small town of Willows, where people’s lives overlap and tangle.

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Deadly Engagement: A Georgian Historical Mystery (Alec Halsey Mystery Book 1)
by Lucinda Brant
3.8 Stars (105 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Lucinda Brant’s mysteries explore the darker side of her richly authentic 18th century world. Along with her trademark wit and high drama there are deeper subplots and even quirkier characters that will have you shuddering and laughing in equal measure.

Spring 1763. Career diplomat Alec Halsey returns to London to the shocking news his estranged brother has not only killed his friend in a duel but is engaged to the woman he hoped to marry. The dead man’s mother wants Alec to investigate, so he reluctantly attends a weekend house party celebrating the engagement. Houseguests get more than they bargained for when a lady’s maid is murdered, the bride-to-be is attacked, and a guest is shot dead. Uncovering a connection between these sinister acts and his brother’s duel, Alec confronts a cruel twist of fate and why his brother will go to any lengths to ruin him in Polite Society.

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Sons of Abraham: J-17’s Trial
4.5 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Do you think hating a machine is racist?.

“For readers enchanted with futuristic science fiction and fantasy mixed with adventure and mystery SONS OF ABRAHAM is a fine aperitif. The book is short enough that the plot unfolds in the space of time for an evening’s read and it whets the appetite for Book 2.” Grady Harp, November 15

“The technology in the book is also fascinating, such as the Gabriel Rings, and I’d love to hear more details about how this method of travel was developed, how the planets were ‘terraformed’ and more about what led to the creation of the Cybers and their contribution to saving humanity. This book is definitely worth your time!” –Kathryn Frey

It was a simple mission that could not have gone worse. Agent Nathan Calloway was to meet up with a Cyber partner and take a statement, but a breach in the Cyber’s programming leads to the murder of an esteemed official. Did the half man, half machine act on his own, or is a more sinister plot afoot?
J-17’s Trial is the first in the Son’s of Abraham series. This space opera suspense digs into a conspiracy, hundreds of years in the making. Can we control the technology we made to save mankind, or will we find our place at the top of the evolutionary scale has come to an end?

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Me, the World, and a Dog Named Steve: The Mini-Expeditions
by Wayne Cotes, Denise Bohart-Brown
3.7 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction | Historical Fiction

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After 27 years in law enforcement and 30 in the military, Jerod Grey had been looking forward to retirement, traveling the world and exploring new places with his Australian Cattle Dog, Steve. But, a chance encounter with a billionaire venture capitalist in a bar in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua turns his retirement into a career as a free lance adventurer and amateur archaeologist. Now he’s looking for stolen Mayan treasure in the mountains of Northern California, dodging a pair of murderous cousins in Monterey, and searching for a lost Sumerian tome from Washington to North Carolina. On top of that, he has to figure out how to turn the rag-tag group of friends and colleagues he affectionately calls the Adventurers’ Club in to a legitimate non-profit organization.

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Sweet Fat Bombs: 35 Tasty Keto Recipes for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating (Quick & Easy Recipes for Ketogenic, Paleo & Low-Carb Diets)
by Joan Keller
4.9 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Following a low-carb Ketogenic diet can at times feel like a daunting task.

So why not get the most out of it and pamper yourself with delectable miniature treats!

Our super healthy and nutritious Ketogenic Fat Bombs are a smart solution for those want to stay committed to their weightloss goals while on the Ketogenic Diet. Don’t let the word ‘Fat’ fool you! These tasty and easy to make tiny desserts consist of healthy fats (cream cheese, coconut oil etc) that will boost your metabolism and help you achieve your lifestyle goals!

This book will become your best guide to creating super low-carb and extremely delicious Ketogenic Fat Bombs! Making these wonderful creations requires only 3 ingredients (healthy fats, flavorings, and nuts or seeds) and no more than 15 minutes of your time!

Boost your energy, stay full longer, and speed up your metabolism with Ketogenic Fat Bombs!

Inside this cookbook you will find:

• 35 Simple Recipes For Making Sweet Ketogenic Fat Bombs

• Cocoa Fat Bombs

• Chocolate Fat Bombs

• Berry Fat Bombs

• Nut Fat Bombs

• Vanilla Fat Bombs

• Vital Information About Ketogenic Dieting

• Nutritious Fat Bomb Ingredients

• And More!

Keto Fat Bombs are a delightfully indulgent experience in addition to being the perfect organic substitute for sugary desserts.

Keep yourself on the Ketogenic track and start making these amazing Fat Bombs today!

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