If you are looking for a wonderful children’s book that will help teach your kids the important lessons and skills about loving themselves then look no farther than Harley Hound written by Chris Jones and illustrated by Becca Wain! A book with a message everyone can use. You will fall in love with this hound. Enjoy!

Harley Hound
by Chris Jones, Becca Wain
4.7 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

This children”s rhyming picture book is about a dog who learns to accept being herself. It’s aim is to help children feel more comfortable in their own skin and love who they are.

Harley is a basset hound. And being a basset hound brings certain challenges!

Then one day, something incredible happens! With the help of a strange, moustache wearing man on the talking box machine, Harley is able to be the dog she’d always dreamt of being. She could do all the things she saw other dogs do – carry huge sticks, catch balls in mid-air… she was top-dog.

However, being someone she’s not, wasn’t all she’d imagined it would be. Because others liked her just the way she was…

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