I really need your opinions on something. I planned my whole garden to be bee and butterfly friendly. Much to my delight the bees and butterflies have moved in and they are quite happy. This is good. The problem I have is I have not been able to take one good picture of a butterfly. NOT ONE! I have ten million blurry pictures of orange blobs darting across the sky. DRAT! But yesterday my luck sorta changed. I found a beautiful butterfly with absolutely perfect wings. It is gorgeous! It is also dead. I did not kill it, so please don’t think that. So here I am finally with a butterfly that will stay perfectly still while I take as many pictures of it on any flower as I want. I feel horrible just thinking about it. It seems so wrong, but is it? UGH!

Don’t Say a Word: A Suspense Thriller
by Nicholas Jordan
4.6 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Suspense

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She witnessed their crime. Now they’re trying to silence her.

Beth Jones isn’t ready to put the past behind her. She can’t forgive her mother for sending her away, even after moving back in with her. Deep wounds have left scars that might never fade. Determined to rebel against her mother’s attempts to reconcile, Beth sneaks out to a party without her mother knowing. There, she meets a charming boy named Vince, who immediately takes an interest in her. But before the night is over, she stumbles upon Vince and his friends murdering a young girl. They threaten to kill Beth too if she ever says a word about what she witnessed.

Trapped in what feels like a no-win situation, Beth must decide whether she will remain silenced by Vince’s threats, or if she will do the right thing and tell the truth. But if she reveals the truth, there won’t be anything stopping Vince from making good on his threats.

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Highlander’s Twin Flame: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance
by Shona Thompson
4.6 Stars (187 Reviews)
Genre: Classics | Romance | Historical Fiction

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For a moment, she had forgotten, she was pretending to be someone else.

Beautiful, cold, untouchable, his obsession. That’s what Adamina, the wife of Laird Domnhall Buchan, was. All he wanted was to worship her, but she never allowed him to get close.

After she returns from a trip looking soft and vulnerable, Domnhall crosses every limit between them to be with her. And after a taste, he can’t get enough.

Allie is heading towards a life that is not hers to a man she doesn’t belong to. One day, she is just a maid. The next one, she is traveling to take her place as the wife of a Laird.

This is her punishment for sharing the same face as Lady Adamina of the Buchan Clan. She gave Allie a choice: “either take my place or die.”

There’s fine a line between right and wrong, and Allie crosses it when she accepts the deal and surrenders to the husband that she shouldn’t love.

But the dream will become a nightmare when the real Adamina returns, and the truth will crush all of them…

Love and hate share the same face, and he’s thirsty for them both…

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Head Over Heels (A Sassy Sleuth’s Mystery Book 2)
by Astoria Wright
4.4 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Victoria Jelant of Victress Cosmetics Implicated in Death of Mystery Shopper

Just when Kait Sasse thought work would slow down so Aeson “Ace” East, P.I., could finally admit his feelings for her, Kait’s friend is implicated in a wrongful death suit linked to her cosmetics brand. She convinces Ace to take the case, assuming this is Victoria’s best shot. But, as the investigation gets underway, Ace becomes convinced Victoria is guilty of homicide. Now, Kait must stand up to Ace to save her friend from a life in prison.

Will their differing views cost Kait her job, her friend’s innocence, and the possible romance of a lifetime?

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Lost: Zulu Universe:Book1
by Sam Renner
4.2 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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For most, Transfer Station Zulu is a point on a map, a single stop in a long journey to somewhere else. For Jim Lebbe, Zulu is a snare from which he can’t shake free. He’s head of security on this quiet space station at the edge of the galaxy, but all he wants is to get back home and repair the broken relationships that landed him here. But home is 25,000 light years away and he has a contract that says he won’t be going anywhere soon.

For Caroline Grey, Transfer Station Zulu is missed opportunity. A top-of-the-class graduate at the academy should be doing more than commanding a galactic truck stop. But if she’s going to be stuck here, Zulu is going to be the best run station in the galaxy — even if she has to fight Lebbe to make it that way.

For the pilot of the rogue ship that’s just pinged Zulu, the transfer station is a last hope. If no one answers her call for help she drifts out of the galaxy and into the unknown. If no one answers, her risk-it-all plan will have failed before it can even start.

Enjoy the space-opera adventure of The Expanse but think it can sometimes feel too expansive? Then you’ll love the edge-of-the-galaxy thrills you’ll find with Lebbe, Grey, and the rest of the Zulu Universe.

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Healthy Weight Loss – Here’s the Deal
by Megan C. Scott
4.7 Stars (44 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Do you want to win at healthy weight loss and fat burning without starving or avoiding delicious dishes and desserts?
Are you interested in bonus “cheat days” each week that won’t derail your weight loss plan?

If so, this book is for you!

What if you knew you could enjoy every bite of delicious food and still lose pounds of unhealthy fat?
Imagine planning glorious cheat days every week that actually help PROPEL weight loss… Picture having a simple framework of easy to remember actions – the DEAL – to help you plan every day and still maintain variety with delicious (destined to be) family favorites and a treasure lode of new recipes to whip up!

3 Time Author and over age 40, Megan C. Scott, knows what it is like to love food and enjoy every bite.
She also understands the struggle of extra pounds that don’t often respond to typical diet programs.

She has cooked and created countless kitchen and family tested recipes for over 30 years, and now wants to share them with you.

She developed this easy to recall DEAL program – with each letter corresponding to a major component of her powerhouse plan. And she includes her own personal journey to weight loss while using this method so you can track your progress in the same manner!

This is the flagship book that explains how it all works: Here’s the Deal: Healthy Weight Loss and Fat Burning Over 40.
Finally, a lifestyle plan that you can live with – that doesn’t cost a fortune!

* Powerful techniques to help keep your head in the game so you can continue to watch the inches melt away into oblivion

* Mouth watering recipes included that will delight your taste buds! (don’t miss the easy-to-find special ingredients)

* What clutter and weight loss have in common (little known secret)

* BONUS free recipe collection including Organic Homemade Chocolate Bar Bliss

* 2 different ways to measure your weight loss (one is better than the other – find out why)

* Practical strategies sprinkled with humor (don’t miss the Decadent Smashed Potatoes story with DD)

* Recipes ranging from soups to stir fry to shakes – and all the way in between

* Instead of fighting your cravings, substitute with healthy ingredients listed inside

* Easily increase your intake of raw foods (top tips included to make it simple)

* How to jump back on the bandwagon (without the guilt)

Buy this book NOW to discover the DEAL blueprint to your healthy weight loss and fat burning!

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