I don’t need to go to Target or Costco, but I am pretty sure I am out of something. ANYTHING??? No? Oh.. okay. I won’t go to Target or Costco and buy something completely and totally needed and slip off to the holiday section for a quick peek. Nope… not gonna. Maybe….

Rogue Agent
by Kellie Wallace
3.9 Stars (47 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Action & Adventure

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Time and space won’t stop Seth Langdon from eliminating his target…

In the year 2040, futuristic hit man Seth Langdon travels the world by rifts in time, carving a successful career in murdering corrupt men and women. He’s the top assassin working for the elite underground agency, Haroun.

If you’ve killed one scumbag, you’ve killed them all…

During a routine assignment in Oklahoma, Seth carries out a hit on an arms smuggler, David Bloom. But after the job is done, Seth can’t shake the feeling something is very wrong. He’s left haunted by the memory, but what made Bloom so different than Seth’s other targets?

Then his next assignment rolls in…

After a coveted promotion, Seth becomes an Expult agent — an assassin with the freedom and rights to eliminate specific targets. For his first official hit with the new job title, he’s ordered to kill animal activist Terra Bloom, daughter of David Bloom. Regardless of Seth’s guilt over killing her father, she’s just another target… or is she?

Seth’s moral compass spins out of control as inner struggles clash with his dedication to the job. When his decisions leads to tragic consequences, Seth and Terra embark on a journey, fleeing from the very organisation Seth dedicated his life to.

When a trained killer falls for his mark, he’ll use every resource to protect her — even if he’s deemed a Rogue Agent.

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Sugar and Ice (Rinkside in the Rockies Series Book 1)
by Aven Ellis
4.3 Stars (346 Reviews)
Genre: Sports

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Sugar and Ice is the first full-length novel in the Rinkside in the Rockies Series by Aven Ellis!

Josephine Rossi has recovered from a broken heart, but has vowed that she’s all about the desserts now as a recipe tester for Bake It! Magazine. Cheesecake never breaks your heart. Unless it cracks on the top, but still, it tastes amazing if you bake it just right. She knows what to do in the kitchen as far as making luscious desserts. Men? Apparently she’s not so good at figuring them out, so she refuses to bother. Josephine knows it is safer to stay in the kitchen than to take another chance with her heart.

Denver Mountain Lions forward Cade Callahan is passionate about hockey but is also about finding love. He thought he had it once, but a disastrous romance last holiday season has him keeping his heart in check. While he’s fearless on the ice, he’s guarded with his heart. Cade is determined history won’t repeat itself again. He won’t let his guard down until he’s certain he’s met The One.

However, Cupid’s arrow might just strike when these two least expect it. When an oven goes out, and a cheesecake for testing has to be baked, and Cade just happens to live in the same building with a working oven… Well, things other than cheesecake might just heat up in the kitchen. Can these two passionate people learn to trust their hearts again? Can love override fear for Josephine and Cade? And will they find the combination of sugar and ice is the sweetest one of all?

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Rogue Wave (The Rogue Wave Series Book 1)
by Heather Hansen
4.5 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Teen & Young Adult

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The walls around Catherine Benedict were growing ever closer. She had to find a way out. A way to be free. To have an adventure of her own. She sees from the window in her chamber, the ships coming and going in the port. Perhaps she will find her chance.

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War Machine (Earth 50,000 BC Book 4)
by David Edward
4.5 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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War Machine is the ground-breaking second book (even numbers are books, odd numbers shorts) in the military science fiction series ‘Earth 50,000 BC’ from writer D. Edward, author of the critically acclaimed western Alamosa.

In the aftermath of the battle of the Montus on Alethia, Logan and Odessa face new challenges. They must defend the survivors from the ruthless warrior Gaxx, and formulate an attack plan to rid the planet of the oldtech facilities, once and for all.

Set in a richly imaged military science fiction universe, War Machine is the action-packed second book in the Earth 50,000 BC series.

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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook 2021
by Amanda White
4.6 Stars (28 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Have you always wanted to dive into great-tasting food from the Mediterranean?
Do you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle while sampling food from Italy, Greece and beyond?

If you are looking for an alternative diet, healthy resulting in a better life, the Mediterranean Diet is what you need!

The Mediterranean Diet is much more than a food style or a list of foods: it is a real lifestyle inspired by the rules and habits of the people of the Mediterranean.

A lifestyle that includes a range of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols, and traditions is based on the sharing of food, the sense of hospitality and neighborhood, creativity, and full respect for the territory and its biodiversity typical of these communities.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside this cookbook:

• 500 delicious, mouth-watering, and healthy Mediterranean recipes, innovative and easy-to-make; provided with a detailed list of ingredients, easy to find in your usual grocery.

• Realize why the Mediterranean Diet is the best choice to make if you want to keep weight under control without following the usual restrictive and privative diets.

• How to make a healthy meal from fresh ingredients without suffering deprivation or suffering.

• Easy to follow recipes also for complete beginners in cooking

• Plenty of Breakfast Recipes, Snacks, Appetizers, and more

• Tons of dishes with meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, rice, grain, and legumes

• Ingenious Pasta, Bread, and Pizza Recipes

• Healthy and creative Soups, Salads, and Smoothies

• Fun Smoothies and Dessert Ideas

… & Much More!

Choosing the Mediterranean diet is choosing to eat healthily and live a long life full of energy and well-being, so why not choose it?

Moreover, choosing this guide to start your journey in the Mediterranean diet is choosing the best way to make sure that the journey gets its purpose and draws all the benefits.

There is nothing better you can get…

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