If you like heart-thumping, bone-chilling and thought-provoking supernatural fiction, then you will love The Haunting Clarisse series by Janice Tremayne. Grab your copy today of these spine-tingling reads by USA Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Finalist!

The Girl in the Scarlet Chair: A Supernatural Ghost Story (Haunting Clarisse Book 1)
by Janice Tremayne
4.0 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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When a malicious chair’s only desire is to prosper from the negative thoughts–will Clarisse be willing to trade her mind for a premonition?

They don’t have the safety of distance to rely upon–only five days to decide if they are made for each other before Harry leaves back home. Or will the mysterious scarlet chair determine their fate?

She was unlucky in love, recently separated, and desperately searching for the man of her dreams. For Harry, recently divorced– it carried risk and uncertainty? In this heart-rending search for passion, he travels to the city of our affection to meet Clarisse. A spirit hunter and a woman with a problematic past. Harry leaves his western-centric norms behind and is immersed in the vibrant and bustling city.

But will Clarisse have the courage to tell him everything–past secrets, fears, and inhibition? Or will the embedded dark secret of the chair unleash its evil? As it has always done for generations?

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Haunting in Hartley: A Supernatural Suspense Horror (Haunting Clarisse Book 2)
by Janice Tremayne, Momir Borocki
4.4 Stars (74 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Literature & Fiction

A town under siege. A malignant force plaguing its people. Can this warrior for good cleanse the sickness before they all fall prey to darkness?

Clarisse Garcia walks the arduous path of a spirit hunter. Arriving in the small Australian township of Hartley for work, she immediately senses the area is mired in a centuries-old curse. And when a local paranormal expert shares his evidence, the prescient woman finds herself face to face with a malevolent demon.

Flirting with danger, Clarisse engages in a battle of wits with the wicked creature. But even as she fends off the foul manifestation’s attempts to sour her faith, she fears she may never escape her high-stakes parlay with evil incarnate.

Can she maintain her grip on sanity before the tight-knit community is doomed?

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Haunting in Old Tailem: A Supernatural Suspense Horror (Haunting Clarisse Book 3)
by Janice Tremayne, Momir Borocki
4.3 Stars (51 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Horror

An Australian ghost town. A resident demon. Will Old Tailem town succumb to Little Charlie and his evil crew?

Clarisse realizes that running from evil is not a bad idea until she figures out you can’t hide. When some ghosts get tired of hanging around, they latch onto you. At the center of the war on evil is a historic Church that carries dark secrets within its walls. After she meets with the local Shaman, Clarisse discovers secrets with evil consequences by digging too deep into the town’s past. When matters become complicated, she visits a circus of young performers on the outskirts of town, triggering unexpected paranormal events and unleashing memories of a one-hundred-year curse. After being caught in the crossfire of a battle for evil supremacy, Clarisse confronts Little Charlie as he rallies the town’s ghosts into an impeccable evil stronghold.

Can the local Shaman and townsfolk rally in her quest to defeat the evil incarnate or will the town succumb to Little Charlie and his evil crew?

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The Infant Spirits: A Blood Curdling, Wicked Haunting and Chilling Supernatural Suspense Horror (Haunting Clarisse Book 4)
by Janice Tremayne, Momir Borocki
4.6 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

When a poltergeist takes root in a hospital, can a determined ghost chaser undo a devilish long-lasting curse?

Clarisse Garcia has always fought evil. A driven spirit hunter, she demolishes demonic threats before they can corrupt the innocent. But even this hardened woman is stunned when she enters an eerie Tasmanian maternity ward filled with the anguished cries of babies’ souls.

Undeterred, Clarisse dives headfirst into helping release the spirits bound to a sinister demon. But when the foul entity targets the unborn life in her womb, she faces her toughest battle yet to save her offspring’s future.

Can this spiritual warrior protect her child and free the tormented young ghosts?

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