With a cast of curious and quirky characters to enjoy, the Lord Edgington Investigates Mysteries by Benedict Brown are warm-hearted 1920’s style murder mysteries full of intrigue, humour and adventure. Enjoy!

Murder at the Spring Ball: A 1920s Mystery (Lord Edgington Investigates… Book 1)
by Benedict Brown
4.4 Stars (1,442 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Teen & Young Adult | Mystery

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A little music, a little dancing, a little murder at the spring ball.

England, 1925. After years shut away from the world, former detective Lord Edgington of Cranley Hall plans a grand ball to celebrate his seventy-fifth birthday.

But when someone starts bumping off members of his scheming family, the old man enlists his teenage grandson to help find the killer, before one of them is next.

The mismatched duo must pick the culprit from a gaggle of preening playboys, scatter-brained spinsters and irate inspectors in this Agatha-Christie-style whodunnit that will have you racing to spot the killer.

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A Body at a Boarding School: A 1920s Mystery (Lord Edgington Investigates… Book 2)
by Benedict Brown
4.5 Stars (821 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Mystery

Something is rotten at the Oakton Academy for Distinguished Young Gentlemen.

With rumours of fighting, cheating, and all-night parties – and that’s just the teachers – the headmaster is losing control of the school.

When a body is discovered, bludgeoned to death with a monkey statue on the last day of term, renowned detective Lord Edgington and his bumbling grandson Christopher are on hand to search for the killer. But with such a range of despicable suspects, – again, that’s just the teachers – plotting prefects and maniacal students to choose from, will the discordant duo be up to the challenge?

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Death on a Summer’s Day: A 1920s Mystery (Lord Edgington Investigates… Book 3)
by Benedict Brown
4.5 Stars (460 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Mystery

A majestic road trip across England, filled with stunning landscapes, incredible sights and the odd dead body along the way.

Lord Edgington and his grandson (along with a surprising number of servants) are going on a summer holiday. Setting off in their convoy of luxury cars, there are wonders to behold and mysteries to uncover. But when they arrive at the Lake District for a reunion with old friends, a tragedy from decades earlier hangs over the dilapidated Chandos Grove estate. After a member of the party is murdered, it will take the legendary investigator’s every last wit to catch the killer and solve a mystery that has haunted him for fifty years.

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The Mystery of Mistletoe Hall: A Standalone 1920s Christmas Mystery (Lord Edgington Investigates… Book 4)
by Benedict Brown
4.7 Stars (65 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Mystery

Eight strangers are trapped in a deserted manor house as the snow falls, the body count rises and the Christmas tree still needs decorating.

England, 1925. When Lord Edgington receives an invitation to spend the Christmas holiday with an old colleague from the police, he expects fine food, good conversation and the warmth of a roaring fire. But on arriving at Mistletoe Hall with his family, they discover the house deserted and no explanation for where their host or his servants could be.

As more guests appear, the master detective begins to question what could connect the disparate group of newcomers. A teacher, a comedian, a thief, a sportsman, a singer, a policeman and a racing driver will all have their roles to play when a killer crashes the party. Cut off from the outside world by the worsening weather, and with bodies piling up, Lord Edgington must rely on his wits, his years of experience, and the help of his bumbling grandson Christopher in order to solve “The Mystery of Mistletoe Hall”.

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