Today we have two wonderful books by award winning author Kevin Penelerick, The first novel is The Division book one, Ember’s Quest, a young adult fantasy series  filled with fantasy, adventure and magic.  For the younger readers we have Guppy Butter. A beautifully illustrated book about  siblings who want a puppy, but instead get a fish to prove they are responsible. These are two books that would be a perfect addition to any library. Enjoy!

The Division: Ember’s Quest
by Kevin M. Penelerick
4.2 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

One man stands between the elemental forces seeking to destroy the world of The Division, but he lays sick and dying. Only his daughter, Ember, who has never set foot outside their kingdom can save him, but who can she trust?

Pursued by monstrous elemental creatures, she sets out on a quest for his cure, only to discover it may not be what she believed it would be. She’ll be faced with many challenges as she uncovers new truths and journeys further into a world on the brink of collapse.

Mysterious new allies will join her, including a strange but familiar white cat, as the elemental forces trying to stop her close in.

Will what her father told her turn out to be true? Will the magic unlocked by her mother’s amulet keep her alive? Will she find the cure in time or only more secrets that have long been hidden?

Find out in The Division book one, Ember’s Quest.

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Guppy Butter
by Kevin Penelerick
4.4 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

WINNER of the 2017 PICTURE BOOK OF THE YEAR from The Hungry Minds Children Book Awards, presented by Writer’s Life Magazine!

CUTE for kids, FUNNY for adults!

She wanted a PUPPY, but ended up with a GUPPY!

Guppy Butter is the humorous tale of a young girl’s wish for a puppy, who ends up getting a Guppy instead.

Her father says, if she can keep a fish alive, she’ll be allowed to get a puppy. She tries her best to meet her father’s terms, but tragedy after humorous tragedy ensues.

Complimented by the amazing art of artist Amanda Gielen, this illustrated tale will leave you laughing!

This is an Easy Reader Book, great for kids just starting to read on their own or good for parents to read with their kids. Get a copy today and see what the fun is all about!

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