The multiple award-winning FULL CIRCLE SERIES explores intriguing friendships, keep-you-on-your-toes relationships, and how to overcome deep-rooted, lifelong fears. In each book, the protagonists are facing real-life issues and are not without flaws—which makes them realistic and relatable. Annette G. Anders writes upmarket contemporary romance interwoven with elements of Women’s Fiction that create realistic story lines. Her protagonists are going on journeys of personal growth, and the well-researched travelogue gives each book a unique and additional level of depth. Grab your copy today!

Turn Back Time (The Full Circle Series Book 1)
by Annette G. Anders
4.5 Stars (73 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Holidays | Friendship

Letting go of the past is the hardest thing to do.


Three years ago, a book and a song led Stella to the love of her life. Two years later, he shattered her heart. Determined to shake off the memories of the fateful day, Stella promises herself she’ll move forward. Little does she know, when she accepts her best friend’s invitation to a week-long trip to France, that the ghosts of her past will come roaring back.

David has reached the pinnacle of his career, but loneliness is a painful price to pay for being in the spotlight. When he catches a fleeting glimpse of Stella a year after their breakup, David realizes he has one chance to win her back. If he fails to earn Stella’s trust again, he’ll be cursed to follow in the footsteps of one of literature’s most haunted and desolate characters — the one he brings to life night after night.

What will it take for Stella and David to remember their dreams, and to believe in their future?

TURN BACK TIME is a story about forgiveness, second chances — and believing in yourself.

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In Due Time (The Full Circle Series Book 2)
by Annette G. Anders
4.9 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Humor & Satire | Friendship

Invisible lines are the hardest to cross.


A secret love. A yearning for adventure. A fast-paced friends-to-lovers story you can’t put down.

Naomi Winters compares every boyfriend to the one man who’s out of reach. When wedding bells start ringing around her, she’s determined to go after her own happily-ever-after and make Revan see what’s always been right in front of his eyes. There are only a couple of minor problems… He’s one of her best friends, and he thinks of her as a — sister!

Adventures are part of Revan Forrester’s life. The camera is his steady girlfriend, and there’s absolutely no room for diamond rings or diaper duty. Until the woman he remembers as a pesky girl gives the word adventure a new meaning. But he stoically refuses to let conflicting feelings ruin his lifelong friendship with the woman he suddenly sees in a different light.

While they’re having a rousing, emotional tug-of-war, someone else is tired of watching from the sidelines and is quietly shortening the rope. Will Naomi and Revan be able to meet in the middle?

IN DUE TIME is a story about lifelong dreams and finding the courage to pursue them.

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Time Is Eternity (The Full Circle Series Book 3)
by Annette G. Anders
4.6 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance | Friendship | Literary Fiction

Some ties aren’t meant to be cut.

Endearing characters. Emotional encounters. A story about the power of friendship and overcoming loss.

Life is good! Luca Harrison enjoys spending time with his trusted group of friends, isn’t shackled to a wife and children, and now a promotion to his dream job has rounded everything out nicely. But just when he embarks on his new endeavor, one friend is tying him in knots in more than one way. And while Luca is resisting his own feelings, he’s also wondering if maybe he got his priorities wrong.

Josephine Alberts believes in the grounding energy of the moon and in the strength of friendship. She has many dreams, and New York City is the place to achieve them. But when a series of tragedies leaves her vulnerable and broken, she must turn to the one person she doesn’t want to burden — her best friend, who left her when she needed him most. The man she wants to spend eternity with.

What will it take for Luca and Jo to bridge the distance and heal together?

TIME IS ETERNITY is a book about the power of friendship and overcoming loss

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Time Will Tell (The Full Circle Series Book 4)
by Annette G. Anders
5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Haunting secrets. Broken dreams. A heart-warming journey to new beginnings.
Just when Sabrina Danvers thinks she’s seen it all, her commitment-phobe, on-and-off boyfriend proposes — to his pregnant other girlfriend. Fed up with his behavior, she leaves him and her old life behind to start over in Washington, DC, where her work gives her the satisfaction of helping others cope with their personal hardships. Maybe the City of Magnificent Distances will open the door to her happily-ever-after…

Scott Butler is doing fine — no shrink needed! But when the secret his girlfriend took to her grave upends his life, he wonders if he ever knew the woman he wanted to marry. Then he meets Sabrina, and the comfort he finds in her company soon goes deeper than just companionship. But is he strong enough to open his heart to another woman — especially one who has as many scars as he does?

TIME WILL TELL is an emotional story about overcoming the past and finding the strength and motivation to move forward.

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