Yesterday I was so excited to get out in the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful weather while I planted the cute little plants that I got over the weekend. I pictured myself being one with nature. What I got was a hot sun beating on me while I melted and got bit by weird little bugs. I planted just two plants and got the heck back inside. I know when I am not wanted!

MURDER ON THE OLD BOG ROAD: gripping Irish crime fiction (The Galway Homicides Book 1)
by David Pearson
3.9 Stars (820 Reviews)

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A woman is found dead in a ditch. As the list of suspects grows, a town’s dirty secrets are revealed.

It’s a cold winter evening and rain is sweeping in from the Atlantic when a young woman, having braved the weather to visit her sick mother in a remote part of Ireland, comes across an obstacle in the road.

She clears the highway of stones from a damaged bridge only to see the body of a woman in a ditch. With no phone reception, she travels to the nearest police station to report what she has found.

The local Garda waste no time in attending the scene of the crime. The woman is clearly dead, but it needs proper forensics to establish if foul play was the cause. In the meantime, is it not possible that the woman driver was in fact the culprit?

She is clearly not telling the whole truth. A game of cat and mouse ensues when the inquiry is upgraded to a murder investigation.

The trouble is, when the victim is recognised as a sex worker, there is no shortage of possible suspects. And few of them, if any, are willing to tell the truth to the police.

It will take all of Galway detectives Hays and Lyons’ experience to cut through the web of lies and identify the killer in their midst.

MURDER ON THE OLD BOG ROAD is the first in a series of atmospheric crime fiction titles featuring Detective Inspector Mick Hays and Detective Sergeant Maureen Lyons.

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That Hollister Man (Sweet Grass – Montana Romance Book 1)
by Margaret Desmond
4.4 Stars (129 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Classics | Holidays

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“You’re wasting your time with that one. Got his heart broke. Nothing and no one will ever fix it.”

Compelled to leave Boston as a means of saving her teenage brother — the only family she has — from a life of crime, Sage Dolan gladly accepts the serendipitous opportunity to purchase a small ranch and a restaurant in the rural community of Hollister, Montana.

Sage’s eagerness to start a new life for herself and her brother is met with a few obstacles along the way, the greatest being a rugged, handsome rancher who is not happy an outsider has purchased the one piece of land he and his family have coveted for years.

Soon, Sage is engaged in a battle of wills, but she quickly discovers it’s not a battle over property as much as it is a mission to unlock the door to a man’s lonely heart.

Book One in the Sweet Grass – Montana Romance series. While various characters and secondary story lines carry across the entire series, each of the first 3 books in this series is a standalone with a HEA and no cliff-hangers.

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Revenge of the Killer Flamingos: A-D-H-D! Oh! Look! A mystery! (MJ’s Dys-Daze Mysteries Book 1)
by Patricia Burroughs
4.3 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Mystery

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A-D-H-D! Oh! Look! A Mystery!

Meet MJ O’Malley. She’s impulsive, easily distractible, and even more easily bored. But when a hot lawyer hires her to create a flash mob and people start dropping dead–by flamingo?–well, murder in Pisgah Cove, North Carolina is the brightest, shiniest object to capture her attention ever!

But can she actually solve the crime before she becomes the final victim? Hop aboard for the zany romp and stick around for deadly murder.

With the help of Miss Taz, her Chihuahua guard dog, Fluffy the feral attack cat, a reluctant lawyer as sidekick, and her fierce intellect?

[Yes, I said fierce intellect.]

[Yes. Really.]

[Don’t diss the dys-brain, dude.]

[Where were we?]

{Oh, right!]

With the help of Miss Taz, Fluffy, Ben, and her fierce intellect, MJ’s got this case covered.

Because MJ has finally found her place in life.

Meet MJ O’Malley.

She solves murders.

#ADHD #dyscalculia #ownvoices

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Dark: A Creature Survival Horror, Part One (Tirzah M.M. Hawkins Horror Stories)
by Tirzah M.M. Hawkins
4.5 Stars (39 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Suspense

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Introducing Dark: an ongoing survival struggle series. Overnight, most of the human population is wiped out by creatures that survive in the dark. Don’t turn out your lights.

NOTE: Dark is first and foremost a Kindle Vella serial story. This is a boxset of episodes 1-16. The story is considered ongoing and does not have a scheduled end date.

Come along for a wild ride in this creepy, apocalyptic, survival, horror story.

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Alphabet Anatomy: Meet the Capital Letters
by Linda Jones, Branson Jones
4.2 Stars (30 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

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Easily teach the alphabet AND foster letter recognition skills with fun alphabet rhymes!

Children will delight in seeing Alphabet Anatomy’s lovable letters come to life based on their unique graphic features in a creative and imaginative way that they can relate to. Learning letters and sounds, and their shapes, is achieved in a memorable way; and the barrier that many early learners and emergent readers face of letters being mere abstract shapes is diminished.

Each rhyme seamlessly promotesthe early reading skill of letter recognition — which experts agree is thebest predictor of a child’s ability to attain reading proficiency. The rhymes uniquely present an auditory and visual picture of each letter’s name, sound, and shape. Playful learning is effectively fostered through rhyme, because rhyme is a form of play!

Meet letter A!

A has a point at the top of her head.
Under her belt, she hides apples so red.
A – Apples

Get the picture? LETTER RECOGNITION (name, sound, and shape) — it’s that easy!

Handwriting struggles? Each rhyme also provides insight into the necessary handwriting strokes for proper letter formation, including left/right direction — which helps decrease backward letter writing and ease frustration.

Rhymeshave always provided a multitude of early language skills for children. Our book has a total of 26 alphabet rhymes that will engage even reluctant readersin a positive way!

** Phonemic Awareness.
** Memory and Cognitive Development
** Language Development
** Social and Emotional Development
** Vocabulary Building

Use the rhymes with preschoolers to introduce early language skills and phonological awareness. Use them to facilitate kindergarten readiness and in the early school years to help with more structured phonics and to aid struggling readers.

A solid early literacy foundation is a lifelong gift that all parents can help facilitate for their children. Our alphabet rhymes help children master essential early reading skills in a simple, entertaining way. Because we believe that reading is a magical, fundamental adventure that all children absolutely deserve to experience.

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