Today is my oldest baby basset’s first driving lesson with a driving instructor. Hmmph. I really don’t know how the  instructor can get into a car five days a week, four times a day with kids who have never driven before. I am on the edge of my seat stressed as all heck when my hubby drives, and he is a great driver. I really had to nag my boy to study for the permit test, and it seemed he really wasn’t interested. He liked the idea of having a license, but when it came down to actually doing it, he fell flat on motivation. I think he should get his license, but I worry about him being out on the road. Do I push it and then worry, or do I just let it go. Yaa… I know what I should do, but it would be real easy not to.

Ghosts of Guatemala: Book One of the John Carpenter Trilogy
by Collin Glavac
4.2 Stars (707 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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The CIA never left Latin America…

The CIA is facing catastrophic blackmail at the hands of an erratic Guatemalan drug lord: the infamous patrón of Antigua – Pablo Puentes. Desperate for a swift solution, the agency calls in their black operative fixer: John Carpenter.

John is a cold-blooded professional ready for the job. But the mission doesn’t have a simple fix. Pablo has a disastrous kill switch in place.

John is still haunted by the mysterious death of his best friend who died on a far too similar mission, and now is uncertain about how much he can trust his handler or his sensual partner.

Back at the agency, tensions are running hot as the stench of corruption is growing to a boiling point. If things aren’t put to rights – and soon – the entire mission will go up in flames and take the CIA down with it.

Only John Carpenter can bring this drug lord to justice and get the answers he deserves.

Because this mission is personal…

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Tanner’s Promise (The Harlow Brothers Book 1)
by Kaylie Newell
4.4 Stars (754 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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2019 RITA® Award Finalist

Tanner Harlow is a talented landscape designer, quietly building a name and a solid future when he finds himself needing to be the temporary guardian to his eleven-year-old half-sister. Tanner loves her, but can’t see himself as a father figure or imagine how he’s going to build his business during his busiest season with a child in tow until his newest client — his high school crush who still makes his heart pound — has a proposition that will help them both as long as Tanner can resist the tempting lure of the girl next door.

Elementary school teacher Francie Tate moved back to Marietta to be close to her ailing father. She plans to settle in and fix up her little bungalow before the school year starts, but definitely needs help with the neglected yard. She’s shocked when the landscaper she hired turns out to be a class mate. Tanner used to be shy in school, but he isn’t the same kid anymore-he’s tall, sexy, and has the most striking brown eyes she’s ever seen. When Francie learns of Tanner’s need for child care, she impulsively offers to watch his half-sister for the summer in return for some landscaping and renovations around the house.

It seems like a win-win, but Francie didn’t bargain on falling in love.

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Where The Trail Leads: Logan Wise Book 1
by P.W. Moore
4.3 Stars (520 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Westerns

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Where the Trail Leads, the exciting first story in the series of former U.S. Marshal Logan Wise, is out now!

Logan’s world is shattered when he returns home from an assignment to find his beloved wife has been killed by a roaming gang of criminals. Unable to bring himself to live in their home any longer because of the painful memories it holds, he sets out on a journey to anywhere but Independence, Missouri.

The path leads him west, through Kansas and Colorado and Utah, until after months of constant movement, he’s finally forced to stay in one place for more than a few days.

Logan immediately finds trouble in Carson City by getting on the wrong side of Mike Shelley, the man who seems to own everything for miles around. Shelley intimidates everyone he comes in contact with, but Logan Wise is cut from a different cloth and he’s used to plenty of trouble in his life.

While waiting for his horse to mend, Logan gets more deeply involved in the mysterious side of Carson City each day, peeling back layer after layer of greed and corruption until his curiosity causes Shelley’s anger to boil over.

But an angry man can’t think straight, and Logan uses it to his advantage as he sorts out right from wrong, no matter what it might cost him.

Will Mike Shelley continue his wicked, corrupt ways in Carson City, or will Logan Wise put a stop to his reign of terror once and for all?

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Baking and Entering (Raised and Glazed Cozy Mysteries Book 1)
by Emma Ainsley
4.3 Stars (469 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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One red shoe…
Can ruin your whole day.
Forty-something, Maggie Sharpe, has returned to her quaint, childhood town of Dogwood Mountain, Missouri, nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. She recently inherited Dogwood Donuts, along with a cute little cottage, from her Aunt Marjorie and she is ready to keep the business running and settle into a new, peaceful life.

Maggie throws herself into running the bakery, but the baking grinds to a halt when a body is discovered in the alley behind her new shop and a whole host of small town secrets surface as a result of the investigation.

With the police on her door step every time she turns around, she’s thrown into an even bigger mess than the glaze on her favorite donut when an important clue is found in the worst possible place… her donut shop.

Can Maggie solve the crime to save her reputation and her new business?

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Luck of the Billionaire (Billionaires of REKD Book 2)
by Donna K. Weaver
4.7 Stars (71 Reviews)
Genre: Foreign Languages | Romance

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Kayn never imagines a murder could lead him to love.

Billionaire Kayn Rafferty is happy with his life, content to be married to his job. Until his sister is threatened by the thugs who killed her husband. Things get even more complicated when the woman hired to help protect his sister finagles her way into his heart. He’s made it clear he’s not a commitment kind of guy, and that’s not changing.

Sona Rakan’s glad to take the job playing decoy for the sister of a handsome billionaire. What she doesn’t count on is falling for the guy. Her hopes for something more with him are dashed when the job comes to an abrupt end.

Then he offers her a chance to help him again, this time with his new charity. Not only will her terminally ill grandmother get her dream trip to Ireland, but Sona will have one last opportunity to convince Kayn to take a chance on love. But can she risk her heart when he’s made it clear that one day he’ll kiss her goodbye?

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Vintage Recipes Vol. 3: Timeless and Memorable Old-Fashioned Recipes from Our Grandmothers (Lost Recipes Vintage Cookbooks Book 5)
by Louise Davidson
4.3 Stars (46 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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In this volume 3 of the Lost Recipes Vintage Cookbooks series, celebrate the flavors of classic recipes from the previous generations with this collection of old-fashioned vintage recipes.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and many of us would love to explore the decades of the 1900s. In this cookbook, we share with you some of the classics of each decade, from the 1920s through to the 1970s. Some will be dishes you’ve heard of but might never have tried, while others might be familiar to you already.

Each recipe has a short description of its origin, making you discover the history behind the dishes that have been tried and perfected over time.

This illustrated cookbook will show you the way our great grandmothers, grandmothers, and mothers used to cook for their family.

The recipes included here are from our family recipe boxes handwritten on cards and that have been passed down from one generation to the next. The dishes are heartwarming, healthy, and made every time with lots of love!

Inside, you’ll find over 50 delicious retro recipes including:

• Delightful breakfast recipes such as the Scrambled Eggs Avocado, Spam ‘N’ Eggs, and Milk Toast.

• Awesome appetizer recipes like the Oatmeal Cookies and the Hot Cheese Canapés.

• Satisfying chicken and poultry recipes such as the Classic Chicken Cacciatora, Chilled Chicken Mousse, Texas Oven Fried Chicken and the Skillet Seafood and Chicken Paella.

• Wholesome beef and pork recipes such as the Frosted Ribbon Loaf, Ham Banana Hollandaise, Pineapple Glazed Ham, Stuffed Florentine Meatloaf, and the Breaded Pork Chops.

• Bountiful seafood recipes such as the Six Layer Tuna Salad and the Oysters Spinach Bake

• Tasty vegetarian and side recipes such as the Strawberry Jelly Salad and the Artichoke Marinated Mushrooms.

• Luscious dessert and drink recipes such as the Walnut Chocolate Blondies, the Scottish Fancies, and the Orange Roly Poly.

• And many more!

Recipes come with images, a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon’s free reading Kindle App.

Come down memory lane and prepare delicious vintage recipes your family members or friends will discover for the first time or spark pure joy from the wholesome flavors of their childhood!

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