It’s too hot. There is no way in heck I can go outside. Because I can’t go outside, I really really want to go outside. I even have stuff I want to do in the attic, and you know how hot that place is. Maybe just little spurts outside and in the attic. I hate being told no.

A Gunman’s Last Word: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Austin Grayson
4.2 Stars (441 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | History | Westerns

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Sol Cain, a divorced and bitter hired-gun, decides to quit living on the edge and become a rancher. While he tries to keep a low profile and turn down any requests that would put his deadly skills to use again, he receives an offer he can’t refuse. Little did he know that this job would attract the attention of Mac Gallagher, a vindictive criminal he’d sent to jail years before…
Will Sol have the guts and nerve to defeat a ruthless outlaw bent on revenge?

Things become more complicated when Sol falls for Fannie Densmore, the gorgeous woman who asked him to get in trouble for one last time. Fannie is desperate to find her lost cousin but it won’t be long before all hell breaks loose, dragging her and Sol into a winner-take-all confrontation with the notorious criminal. Could Sol rescue Fannie from the clutches of Gallagher and survive his greatest challenge yet?

Sol hopes that his gunslinger skills won’t fail him now…

In a mad chase across the Montana mountains, Sol is faced with a threat he could never have imagined. When he is wounded in a saloon showdown with his nemesis, he finds himself literally running for his life. Will Sol take down an evil man obsessed with destroying him, or will tragedy consume him along with the woman who made him believe in love again?

A pulse-pounding drama, which will make you turn the pages with bated breath until the very last word. A must-read for fans of Western action and romance.

“A Gunman’s Last Word” is a historical adventure novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

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Captured on Camera: A Parker Photography Cozy Mystery
by Suzanne Bolden
4.4 Stars (239 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Everything is not harmonious in the Village of Harmony!

Jackie Parker, a not-ready-to-retire baby boomer, has arrived to help her great-aunt Ruth photograph a wedding. This small Midwestern community of Harmony is excited about the upcoming nuptials of its matriarch Eleanor Harmony, who is marrying for the fourth time.

But the event is called off when the body of the groom is discovered! Jackie and her friend Wanda stumble upon the scene of his tragic car accident. Jackie instinctively photographs the crash scene, not realizing the pictures will be instrumental in proving what really happened to Eleanor’s fiance in the dark of night on that lonely road.

With the wedding called off, Jackie prepares to return to Chicago but instead finds herself staying in Harmony as she begins to suspect the cause of Paul’s death isn’t what it first appeared to be. Her natural curiosity pairs with the police investigation as she follows clues that will reveal the truth!

Hugging the banks of the Wisconsin River and rising up into the wooded hills and bluffs, the community of Harmony welcomes you. Be whisked away on a fun cozy mystery escape in every book in the series!

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Starship Blackbeard
by Michael Wallace
4.1 Stars (332 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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In the aftermath of an interstellar war with an alien race, Captain James Drake is unjustly court martialed and sentenced to hard labor. Now Drake is on the run from Lord Admiral Malthorne, while another pursuer, Drake’s old friend, believes the accusations are true, and promises to bring him to justice.

But Drake won’t go down without a fight. Rather than surrender, he’ll lead his loyal crew into the lawless frontier worlds, infested with pirates and smugglers, to repair and rearm his ship. Then he’ll return to attack Malthorne’s estates and seize the evidence he needs to clear his name.

But more than just Malthorne’s estate is at stake. If Drake is captured, he and his crew are doomed — and the kingdom will be plunged into another war.

Book #1 of the Starship Blackbeard Series, by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Michael Wallace.

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When It All Falls
by Aubree Pynn, Cassandra B, The Editing Boutique
4.6 Stars (142 Reviews)
Genre: Black & African American

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The return to your past is often followed by the skeletons trapped in the closet, unfinished business, and broken hearts. For Prynce Rivers and Braxton Williams, all three are true. When Prynce returns to Glendale, he’s met by a reality that’ll change his self-absorbed world forever. While Braxton’s plans are changed by his reappearance, can they meet halfway and make it work one last time? Or will it all fall down, never to be repaired again?

Find out in When It All Falls.

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Winning Chili Recipes
by Bonnie Scott
4.2 Stars (246 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Do you love spicy chili? Looking for secrets to making the ultimate great chili?

Chili is one of those dishes that sums up comfort food in a single bowl. Just the thought of the warm, spicy dish conjures up memories of chili cook-offs at annual family reunions or a big pot of chili on cold nights with family gathered around.

Chili has also gained international approval in countries around the world, for its simplicity and great taste, making it a favorite of millions. There are, of course, any number of ways to make a pot of chili and each chef’s idea differs from the next. But this book takes another step.

Inside the pages of Winning Chili Recipes, you will discover a whole new range of chili recipes that are amazingly delicious and will have your family wanting more, with recipes like:

• Hearty Home-Style Chili

• Busy Day Baked Chili

• Award Winning Texas Chili

• Famous Tailgate Chili

• Grilled Steak Chili

• Aloha Chili

• Garnishes for Chili – Make a Chili Bar!

• Secret Ingredients for Chili

All of that and more is covered in Winning Chili Recipes, with new and different recipes that will make chili a meal you can enjoy any day of the week!

You’re sure to find the perfect recipe to satisfy your chili craving in this chili cookbook. There are amazing chili recipes with beans or without and varieties that feature beef, chicken, turkey or just vegetables, and of course you can make it as hot or as mild as you like.

You’ll be surprised to see some ingredients listed. Maple syrup, French onion soup and baker’s chocolate are just a few on the ‘List of 36 Secret Ingredients’ that will make cooking a pot of chili an unending quest for the perfect chili recipe.

If you like chili, then you’ll love this fantastic resource. Winning Chili Recipes is a landmark book with unique recipes and tips that will transform any meal into something special.

Buy Winning Chili Recipes today and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to make delicious chili recipes!

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