She has hundreds of adoring fans. Only one wants to be her best friend. The Stolen Child – the gripping psychological thriller from the best-selling author of The Secret Wife and Her Perfect Life.

The Stolen Child
by Emily Shiner
4.4 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Thrillers

Eliza has the perfect life. A beautiful home, a hugely successful blog, a loving husband and two adorable children.

Bethany barely scrapes by in a dead-end job. Her only happiness comes from reading Eliza’s blog. Obsessed with her, she believes they’re destined to be best friends.

But Eliza doesn’t want another friend… especially one as pushy as Bethany. Because Eliza is hiding a family secret. One that would shatter her entire world if it was ever revealed.

Rejected and furious, Bethany starts stalking Eliza. And, as she watches her every move, Bethany discovers Eliza’s secret and threatens to expose it.

But Eliza will do whatever it takes to protect her perfect life. Even if it means getting rid of Bethany… forever.

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