High finance can be deadly! Husband and wife private eyes Mason and Amirah Gates take up the case of a murdered Arab-American accountant. With Amirah going undercover, tensions mount and the killer gets desperate. Will they survive their first murder case and find the killer before it’s too late? Authors Darin and Sarah Fortner are excited to present their first novel together. Pick up a copy today!

No Accounting for Murder
by Darin Fortner, Sarah Fortner
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

For Cathedral City private eyes Mason and Amirah Gates, work normally means handling insurance fraud and cheating spouses. Certainly not a murder investigation. But when Leila Nassar’s brother is killed and the police write it off as a simple robbery, she just can’t accept that. What about the threatening emails he received before he died? The police may not believe her, but she trusts Amirah, as a fellow Saudi-American, to discover the truth.

With her husband’s support and under his watchful eye, Amirah goes undercover as a temp at the Canfield Corporation, the billion-dollar firm where the victim was conducting a company audit. What she finds points to an inside culprit, a member of upper management… and leads to a near-fatal experience in broad daylight.

In the end, with their suspicions guiding them, the couple sets a trap to unmask a wily and dangerous murderer.

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