“This writer has a future in the genre.” -RON SCHWAB, Bestselling author of Old Dogs, The Accidental Sheriff, and other classic Western novels. The “Barber Brothers’ Adventures” series is a gripping foray into the raw and tumultuous world of post-Civil War America, where the echoes of battlefields linger in the hearts of those who fought. This historical Western series follows the journey of Elijah and Moses Barber, former cavalrymen who find themselves grappling with the scars of war and the challenges of a rapidly changing nation. Set against the backdrop of a frontier on the cusp of transformation, each book in the series weaves a tale of brotherhood, justice, and survival.

The Ace’s Bounty: The Barber Brothers’ First Adventure (Barber Brothers’ Adventures Book 1)
by Jason B. Baker
4.2 Stars (204 Reviews)
Genre: History | Westerns | War | Action & Adventure

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Brothers Elijah and Moses Barber return home from the Civil War to a life of poverty. Unable to make ends meet, they sign on with a new U.S. Marshal who needs deputies who can ride, shoot, and know how to hunt outlaws. The job will indeed bring a paycheck, but it also could get something else: Revenge against a man who killed their friend.


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The Sheriff’s Pursuit: A Vermilion County Mystery (Barber Brothers’ Adventures)
by Jason B. Baker
4.2 Stars (136 Reviews)
Genre: History | Mystery

An Amazon Bestseller! A prequel to the Barber Brothers’ Adventures series. Before he rode with the Barber Brothers, Talbot Jones was sheriff of tiny, pre-Civil War Vermilion County. He is set to retire after three terms in office, but he must solve one final case: The murder of the sheriff-elect.


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The War Remains: The Barber Brothers’ Next Adventure (Barber Brothers’ Adventures Book 2)
by Jason B. Baker
4.5 Stars (38 Reviews)
Genre: History

In the raw aftermath of the Civil War, America labors to mend its divided heart, but in Omaha, the peace Elijah and Moses Barber worked so hard to achieve is razed by a vengeful blaze. Faced with lawlessness that no badge can tame, the Barber brothers must forge their own path to justice.


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